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Qualified Calculations Training Based on Social Security Legislation


Educational content:

Part 1 - Legislation Part

1) Definitions of insured (4/a – 4/b), employer, subcontractor temporary (borrowed) employment relationship

2) Notification of the insured and ex officio registration, notification of dismissal 

3) Conflict of insured statuses

3) Notification of workplace and workplace

4) nominal service / actual service

5) Service determination cases 

6) Borrowing periods and foreign service borrowing

7) Earnings based on insurance premium

8) Minimum labor application

9) Conditions for entitlement to invalidity, old-age and survivors pension

10) Cases considered work accident 

11) occupational disease 

12) Notification and investigation of work accident and occupational diseases

13) Responsibilities in work accident and occupational diseases

14) Rights Provided to the Insured as a Result of Work Accidents (temporary incapacity allowance, permanent incapacity income, marriage allowance, funeral allowance, death income)

15) Timeout in premium debts 

16) Unwarranted payments 

17) Objection to the inspector's reports,

18) Objection to administrative fines


Part 2 - Calculations Part

1-Cash Capital Values and Tables 

2- Age Calculation in Cash Capital Value

3- Calculation of the Amount Subject to Recourse Actions

4- Examining the Sample Expert Report

5- Examination of Sample Supreme Court Decisions Related to the Subjects

6- Old age (calculation of retirement pension)  

Certificate: For participants who meet the 80% participation requirement.  certificate has been issued.


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