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Qualified Calculations Training Based on Execution and Bankruptcy Legislation


Educational content:

  • Legal Nature and Purpose of the Action for Annulment

  • Subject of Cancellation Case

  • Cancellable Savings

  • Cancellation Due to Useless Savings

  • Cancellation Due to Savings Made in Insolvency

  • Cancellation due to fraudulent savings made with the intent to harm creditors

  • Trial

  • How the Cancellation System is Invoked

  • Authority in Cancellation Actions

  • Duty in Cancellation Cases

  • Duration of Opening Actions for Cancellation

  • Fees in Cancellation Cases

  • Attorney Fee in Cancellation Cases

  • Litigation Expenses in Annulment Cases

  • Proceedings in Annulment Cases

  • Parties to an Annulment Action

  • Plaintiff

  • Defendant

  • Results of the Cancellation Case

Through Expert Reports and Applications,

  • Principal Receivable (Workers' receivables and net conversion accounts, tax brackets, pre- and post-follow-up calculations of Foreign Exchange Receivables, alimony - Dues receivables calculations, due provision, main receivable items with special features)

  • Worked Interest (Types of interest and their legal bases, legal limitations on interest, interest and calculations to be applied in employee receivables and collective bargaining agreements, interest rates calculation techniques to be applied in cases of confiscation without expropriation, in the Property Law.)

  • Protest Cost

  • check compensation

  • Commission + notice fee

  • Ferry receivables depending on the order

  • Follow output

  • Calculation and techniques in accordance with Article 100 of the Turkish Code of Obligations, interest and expenses to be evaluated in the calculation, the way they are shown in the expert report, UYAP calculations

  • Tracking output and its importance in calculations

  • Interest after follow-up

  • The interest rate to be applied by the Enforcement Office, the interest rate to be applied if the interest rate is not specified, how to calculate more than one interest rate in a follow-up, interest calculation techniques

  • Enforcement Cost items

  • Attorney Fee, rates, relative and fixed attorney fees calculations

  • Collection Fees

  • Fee Rates are calculated on falling foreclosures, sales resulting in partial collection, in cases where there are multiple debtors, etc. fee calculations in cases

  • Total File Debt

  • Collection Fee

  • Prison Fee

  • Stamp duty

Certificate: A certificate was given to the participants who met the 80% participation requirement.

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