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Qualified Calculations Training Based on Labor Legislation (Excel Applied)

E navigating my Purpose:  Experts are often used to calculate labor receivables in disputes involving workers in labor courts whose jurisdiction has been expanded with the Labor Courts Law No. 7036. Experts are required to know the general principles regarding the calculation of labor rights specified in the legislation and to have sufficient practical knowledge about how the receivable should be calculated according to different contract types and working styles. For this purpose, besides theoretical training, calculation modules based on hypothetical events are used.  The main goal of the program is to gain the ability to make qualified calculations.

Target Audience of the Training: Expert Candidates, Lawyers, CPA, Trainee Lawyers, CPA Interns, and HR Employees constitute the target audience of the training.

Content of the Training:

  • What is the fee, which receivable item is calculated from which fee?  

  • How is the service period determined?

  • Seniority  How is compensation calculated? What revenues are included? How is offsetting applied?

  • How is notice pay calculated? What are the entitlements?

  • What is the proof of overwork and calculation methods?  

  • What are the proof and calculation methods of general holiday work?

  • How is annual leave calculated?

  • How is compensation for not starting work and idle time receivable calculated?

  • What are joint liability cases?

  • What is the effect of the statute of limitations burial on labor compensation and receivables?

  • How to use EXCEL in calculations?

Certificate:  "Training Certificate" was given to our participants who met the 80% participation requirement. 

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