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Expertise Report Writing Techniques and Considerations Seminar

Purpose of the Seminar:  Within the scope of the seminar, it is aimed to prepare qualified and appropriate expert reports based on how the expert report should be written, the points to be considered in writing the report, and the Legal Terms and Contents in the Report Writing Language in accordance with the Expertise Law No. 6754.

  Goal of the Seminar  Audience: Expert Candidates, Experts constitute the target audience of the seminar.

Content of the Seminar:

  • File Assignment

  • After File Acceptance, First Things to Do

  • Report Format

  • Review Patterns

  • Detection of File Content

  • Key Features to Consider in Writing the Report

  • Mission Reports

  • Root and Additional Report Features

  • Report Submission

  • Report Preparation Application with Examples

This seminar was held under the supervision of the Federation of All Expert Associations.

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